Yolun Açık Olsun (2022)


A long term research project on his own roots with questions on his identity and the life he could have lived. As a human born in Germany, with a family background in Turkey, the photographer grew up in both cultural worlds. Always feeling a little alienated and not fully integrated into his momentary enviroment. To define more of his true roots Atakman traveled to Turkey. Trying to use the photographs on his journey for later reflection. The idea of a photograph as a border that can be overcome, came to the mind of the artist. A photograph as an object is done and carefully chosen, left for viewer just to observe. Atakman wanted to bust open the barrier that is created while taking photos and preserving the moment by integrating the viewer into the work process. The search for his roots became more of an ascension for knowledge, because your true place can be defined and worked out by yourself.